When someone asks me what are the absolute essentials for the early days with your newborn, I say your breasts, your partner, some swaddle blankets, a rocker and Meghan.

When we think back to the early days of Louis’s life I remember so vividly, my husband and I eagerly awaiting Meghan’s early morning arrival. It seemed she had every answer to our every little question! And we had a lot of questions!

 My husband called her “the baby whisperer” (which is actually kind of an understatement)!
Meghan’s energy in our home was perfect in the first few weeks of our son’s life. She was gentle, patient and very in tune with whatever our needs were at any given moment. She helped us with everything from swaddling to soup making to making sure I had a nap! I remember Louis’s first doctor appointment, I could still barely walk and we drove there in a snowstorm! The thought of the journey had me near tears but Meghan was so calm and confident, I think it actually wore off on me!
At the end of our time with Meghan, we were master swaddlers, super wrap sling wearers, a little more rested and a lot more confident. We were so sad when our time was up, we were nervous to be alone but we realized almost immediately she had prepared us so well for our baby boy!
- The Johnsons

After the birth of our daughter, she visited us in our home to learn more about us, helped us feel prepared and comfortable, and was incredibly responsive–even after she had fulfilled all of her responsibilities. She made time to get on the phone with me when I had questions about pumping and milk supply, sent me to helpful websites, and was also incredibly honest when I asked questions outside of her scope. I am INCREDIBLY picky about hiring, and I could not be more pleased with Meghan.

I did not foresee needing a post-partum doula, but I had no idea what I was up against with a new baby. Our daughter had some post-natal health issues, and we had difficulty nursing at first, which was heart breaking and very stressful. Meghan referred me to an excellent lactation consultant who helped us solve the nursing issue. Meghan’s post-partum visit was very satisfying. She taught us the best swaddle technique, gave me some great pointers about nursing and pumping, answered all our questions, big and little, and delighted in what we had produced.

Meghan was a wonderful addition to our family!  She was with us the minute we returned home from the hospital and really helped us adjust to life as new parents throughout the first few months of our son’s life. At a time when parenthood is new and exciting – but mostly tiring – Meghan was there to lend a hand however we needed her.  Not only did she help us care for our baby, she taught us so many useful infant care skills that we depended on even after her time with us was over.   Her gentle presence was so great to have in our home at such a special time in our lives.

Meghan has a magical way with newborns.  I was astonished when I handed her my always-crying, never-sleeping tiny son and he simply gazed up at her, calmly and quietly, for a very long time, and then peacefully went to sleep.  (And even stayed asleep!)  It was amazing.  She provided the help I needed during those first difficult weeks and both my son and I were always very relieved to see her.

After such a positive birthing experience with Meghan, it was hugely helpful to feel that I could entrust her with my precious newborn so that I could get a few hours of rest. It gave me peace of mind to know that someone calm and loving was watching my baby.
– Lisa

I interviewed five different doulas and I ultimately chose Meghan because of her calm demeanor, non-judgemental approach, and concrete, practical advice. Meghan was incredibly useful in helping us navigate the hospital.

Meghan was the perfect person to have as a support during one of the most intimate and intense experiences of my life. She has a very calming, gentle presence, but is totally confident and knowledgeable.
I had a very long, induced labor. When we arrived at the hospital and learned that my obstetrician had gone on vacation without informing us, we felt so relieved that we could count on Meghan to guide us through.  Meghan was with us for about 24 hours. She was a quiet, reassuring presence when things were moving slowly, and a hands-on partner when labor was at its peak. While I ended up having several interventions, Meghan was very understanding (not challenging the hospital or doctors) of all the interventions that were necessary during my labor. She helped us understand our options, and helped us pursue alternatives when possible. She helped my husband and I find different positions for dealing with contractions and methods for dealing with pain. She brought with her to the hospital a birthing ball, which served a variety of purposes, but was an especially critical prop during a very long, hard stretch of contractions. Meghan also used tennis balls to massage my sacrum, and showed the technique to my husband, so that they could help to relieve me in different ways. She was equally supportive of me and my husband, allowing us to experience labor together with confidence in our selves and the process of labor.  She is a very strong person (physically, but also emotionally), and had amazing endurance throughout the marathon of my labor. Giving birth was one of the most challenging and awe-inspiring experiences of my life, and it gave me profound appreciation for the work that Meghan does.

We had a great experience with Meghan!
Meghan made herself available to us before and after the birth, for any questions we may have had.

This was particularly helpful, for me, afterwards as I had some breastfeeding problems. Based on her experience she was able to give me specific advice, and actually watch me and tell me if I was doing it right. Before the birth, we had several conversations (with both me and my husband) where we discussed what would happen in general, what we wanted to happen (ha ha, you will realize), and specific worries we had. Not only did Meghan have knowledge and experience of many things that could happen, and how to respond, she also made me feel completely confident and at ease about the whole thing.

Around the time of my due date, she was in contact with us, sending us various suggestions and massage techniques to try to naturally induce. I ended up needing to be induced in the hospital, and the first half of the day was ridiculously uneventful. We texted throughout this process, until we decided to call her in. There were still several hours before anything happened, but she patiently chatted with me, encouraged me to nap, and massaged my back. Once the contractions started being painful, she and my husband became a power team, seamlessly and silently anticipating my needs. (My husband later said that it just seemed like he knew what he was doing – she made it easy to follow her lead). She knew when to be aggressive, when to fall back, and even seemed to know when I needed to go to the bathroom. She dealt beautifully with the hospital staff, and knew enough about the medical equipment to unhook or whatever when I needed it. I feel like I’m babbling here, trying to express how effortless she made it seem (not that labor was effortless…just that she made it tolerable, and made me feel like I could get through it.)


Without Meghan as my doula I almost certainly would have given birth to my second child in a taxi.
Actually, it probably would have been at home, because after my super-long first labor I was convinced I couldn’t possibly need to get to the hospital yet.  Fortunately for me, Meghan knew better.  She knew it was time to go, and so we went; on the way she helped me breathe, stay calm, and most importantly, not deliver in the taxi; and once we arrived at the hospital she worked calmly and quickly to help me have the birth that I wanted.  She was a wonderful source of support and guidance and I feel very lucky to have had her help.

Meghan was with my husband and me when I gave birth to my daughter Alice on July 4th after about 24 hours of labor.  My husband and I both believe that Meghan was the most important support that we had throughout my pregnancy and labor.
She was available with advice and gentle, respectful suggestions throughout my pregnancy and has a calm, relaxing presence.  She helped me find a new midwife when I wanted to leave my doctor and provided suggestions around natural induction when I went over my due date.
On the day that I went into labor we called Meghan throughout the night and early morning and she advised us and came to the house as soon as we asked her to.  Her presence on that day was calm and respectful.  She was supportive of my husband and helped him to know when to call our midwife  – but never stepped between the two of us.  She was never intrusive.  She was there when I needed her and stepped back when I was okay on my own.  Because of her support we were able to gage when it was appropriate to go to the hospital.  I arrived at the hospital after 20 hours of labor at home and had my daughter just four hours after arriving.  Her vast experience allowed me to know that everything that I was going through was normal and moving us towards the end goal of meeting our sweet daughter.  She was really wonderful.  If I have another child – I hope that Meghan will be there to support me again.

Meghan gave me the confidence I needed to have an amazing relaxing birth experience. It was my first so I was scared, anxious, and worried the hospital and doctors would make me have a c-section, which is what I absolutely did not want. Meghan managed the hospital staff to make sure we did everything as naturally as possible, which was fantastic!

Meghan was a truly calming and reassuring presence during labor. My labor went quite quickly; and while that sounds like a good thing, it was actually very overwhelming physically and emotionally. It was a relief to see her kind face at the hospital. Her calm manner helped me stay centered, so that I felt present during labor and connected to my husband. Also, while she was fully supportive of my initial plan for natural childbirth, she was equally supportive of my decision to have an epidural once I went into labor. She was extremely respectful and supportive of me to make the decision that was right for me at that moment.


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